Jay z’s Mistress Diss The Carters ( MY RESPONSE)


So yesterday I came across a diss song/ music video by jay z’s supposedly mistress by the name of LIV. A rapper out of New York. Where do I begin? hmm The girl is gorgeous but this broad is all mixed up in feelings if you ask me. First she’s supposedly apologizing to Beyonce and posted via Instagram she has so much honor and respect for Bey that she turned Hov down out of respect for her. But in the song it’s totally different she disses Beyonce, she says she had Hov’s heart when she left him & they connected but never slept with one another. So what exactly is she apologizing for if she didn’t sleep with him.  For Jay z and her having conversations? For him hitting on her? She says she release the diss record because he supposedly had something to do with her looking as if she is a side chick and h*e in Life&style but what makes you think Jay z would want something like that exposed? The story gets worst and supposedly he cornered you in a hallway at Nobu so now people just bumping into jay z these days and so happen solange seen you two? Her story shows she doesn’t have brains either. Someone call Dr Drew this h*e needs help!


Click the picture to see her response to the magazine

    I guess she doesn’t want to look like the typical broad who’s trying to come up off of a rapper by playing the “good girl role” stating she’s gonna teach girls how to be classy since Beyonce can’t by teaching them how to surfboard. That she turned Jay z down out of respect to Beyonce. But I’m sorry honey you ruined that after that low budget diss record and video wearing skimpy Instagram boutique clothes and in a bikini sipping cheap merlot. Can’t fool us we all know the game and its very hard to believe you had Jay’s heart supposedly and you didn’t have sex with him. Or that he was even giving you his time and didn’t get any great fellatio. Here’s a TIP when trying to play the good girl role and accumulating a lie you actually should look as if you have class, hire a PR, & a Lawyer and do interviews. But doing a entire diss record which sounded horrible and promote your underground record label and making low budget video made you look like the bottom of my stiletto. Please crawl back in the hole in the streets of NY that Hov supposedly found you in. & Jay z if these allegations are true stop embarrassing your WIFE messing with these women who have nothing to lose but followers.


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Jay Z’s Supposedly “Mistress” disses Jay & Beyonce…. In a song?


  Well it’s been rumored that the billionaire “it” couple has had trouble in paradise because of none other… cheating. Well recently Life&Style magazine released an issue of their magazine. With the front cover being a very unflattering picture of … Continue reading

DJ Mustard vs. Mike Will Made It Who Yall Got? Cast Your Votes Below!


Okay who do yall have? It’s a battle between the sounds of  hit producers DJ Mustard and Mike WiLL Made It, two of  hip-hop’s hottest producers in the game right now. Tell us who ya’ll feeling the most by voting below, make sure you guys check out the numbers as well when it comes to who makes more hit singles.

Many people don’t get to hear the producer but they have a lot to do with the music we listen and love today. I know that many of us listen to a song and won’t even pay attention to the lyrics (Im Guilty LOL) we just bounce to the beat, more than likely created by some other person than the artist. Now this is when the question comes in. “Which producer is making us dance the most?” One of the dopest hiphop sites  SeeTheSound.com decided to put the spotlight on two of the hottest and biggest producers in the game right now and putting them head-to-head in a online battle of production skill and expertise to see who’s hits hit the hardest! : In one corner we have Mike WiLL Made It of Atlanta, Georgia, and Cali’s own DJ Mustard of Los Angeles, California.

Both Mike Will & Mustard are responsible for switching up the sound of mainstream hip-hop. DJ Mustard most known for his “ratchet” sound with placements on songs from Tyga, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, as well as with fellow L.A. owns  YG. Mike WiLL, on the other hand, has collaborations with Drake’s right-hand man Noah aka “40” and trap OG Lex Luger, creating a significant sound of his own, which he’s used with hip-hop artists like Rick Ross, Meek mill,ludacris,waka flaka flame, Future, & Juicy J to name a few, as well as bringing it to the pop world with work from Miley Cyrus.


This is a tough one for us so help us out and gives us your vote!









OUCH! Wu Tang Affiliate Chops Off His Penis & Jumps Off Of Building In Suicide Attempt!!

This isn’t funny but what the heck was going threw this man head cutting off his own penis? At first I didn’t want to believe it I was like no way maybe his girlfriend caught his butt cheating. But after a little careful research found that he did it to himself O_o . He had to be on some kind of drugs or something because never have I ever heard a MAN cutting off his OWN penis unless of course he wanted a split instead of the d*** LOL. Then jumping off of the 2nd floor of a building like what the hell? Then you STILL don’t die… Now you have to live with the limp penis and you may have to use one of those machines old guys use to pump up their penis to get hard when it’s time for sex that’s of course if they FOUND his penis smh Read below for this wild story!





A rapper affiliated with the Infamous Hiphop Group The Wu Tang Clan was immediately rushed to the hospital Earlier today after he cut of his penis! Yes CUT OFF HIS PENIS and then jumps off of the second floor balcony in what police officials said was a suicide attempt. Sources at the scene says police were called to the North Hollywood apartment at about 1 am and found Christ Bearer (Andre Johnson) on the sidewalk injured.


Christ Bearer is a member of hiphop group Northstar a group that was discovered by the Wu Tang Clan. Two of his group members that he also lives with told TMZ that they were there early this morning when Bearer all of sudden without any warning at all cut off his penis and jumps off of the balcony. They also tell TMZ they were not on any hard drugs that would cause him to do such thing. Which is way too bizarre for me to even believe who cuts off their penis without any warning and just runs and jumps off of the balcony? WITHOUT BEING ON DRUGS? REALLY? The two group members states they rushed downstairs and Christ Bearer had already jumped up and began screaming incoherently. This story doesn’t sound right if they had no drugs in them. Tell us what you guys think of this? This is way too wild! LOL


Rapper Trina HOT like fish grease about French Montana & Khloe Possibly Dating

photo 2-15 


It’s not looking too good for 29 year old rapper French Montana in relationship favor with reality show star Khloe Kardashian. As we know him and Khloe has been spotted together a lot lately and rapper Trina can’t stand to see it anymore she is hotter than fish grease about it, why you ask? Well sources close to the rapper says French and Trina were not official but they had been living together in New Jersey and talking a lot on a daily basis up until a few ago when he went to work on his new album in LA (Well we now know that his album isn’t all that he’s been working on LOL ) and is devastated about it.


photo 1-15What also probably has rapper Trina pissed is she is friends supposedly with Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian and have been spotted partying together. They also both share mutual best friends R&B Singer Kelly Rowland & Celebrity Hostess & Reality Star LaLa Anthony (Basket ball player Carmelo Anthony’s wife) but you know how that Hollywood life goes you never know who’s being your genuine friend and who’s doing it for a photo-Op. Trina also isn’t the only woman who’s feeling played by Montana his wife is also let’s not forget ( SEE MY POST ON FRENCH MONTANA ESTRANGED WIFE WARNS KHLOE KARDASHIAN FRENCH MONTANA USING KHLOE? ). 

This is seeming like a pattern for rapper French Montana and we’re now going with Khloe’s friends he isn’t the guy for her. Will he do Khloe like the others? Will she be left for another woman? What do you guys think about this? Leave us a comment below!

Love & HipHop Atlanta Mimi Faust Release Sex Tape!!!



I didn’t blog about this yesterday because I like to sit back and get all the facts first! I don’t even know where to start with this one. Mimi mimi mimi One what the heck are you thinking? For two the things that people do for the right price. Mimi you’re too old and you’re a mother so you signing off on this release is terrible! How can you clown Joseline for being a stripper when you’re now an american Porn star. Yes I said PORN STAR because that was not a sex tape you had a full camera crew with professional editing, in a hotel room not the comfort of your own home, & Im sorry there’s no way that a self stand camera can get those angels hunny you or your man is no professional in photography or videography. Girl Please don’t try to fool us with those crocodile tears and sob story that he leaked it and you’re the victim like you’re trying to do this season (I watched the extended trailer on VH1.com) We’re NOT buying it. We’ve learned from Kim Kardashian how the sex tape releases with Vivid Entertainment goes down it takes BOTH parties to sign off on a video to be leaked by them, because they don’t want that kind of law suit. This is disgusting I’m very disappointed in this old woman who portrayed to be this “independent woman of class and professionalism” you are the dirty maid that you lowered yourself to this point. Doing something with your man in private is no problem but when you do it for a reality show’s fame and money basically sold your soul when you portrayed to be the opposite is so hypocrytical and LOW! Im not feeling it and I can’t wait to see the show to see how this all play out for her. What do you guys think about this? Leave us comments below!

Is French Montana Using Khloe?




Yesterday I blogged about what I think is a fab duo 29 year old rapper French Montana and Reality star Khloe Kardashian. The duo have been sharing one another’s time a lot lately. Well this afternoon I received a text message from a very reliable close source of the rappers stating:


“Girl you know that s*** is fake as f*** all that Hollywood s*** is fake It’s obsession and infatuation. Never “real” or real love I wanted to say something about it but I have too many eyes on me “FRENCH IS USING HER” & it doesn’t make her look good it makes his ghetto a** look good all while he still married & his wife IS in his life. He’s always in women text messages and DM’s being THIRSTY even recently when he’s supposedly with Khloe”




Well this goes back to his wife Deen Kharbouch’s Life & Style Magazing interview sending warnings to Khloe that she needs to be careful the rapper used her stating she helped french get the career that he has and “As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us!” she exclaimed. “Sometimes we don’t see him for two or three months.”  

But this isn’t the first time she’s came out about the rapper previously she took to twitter when their son Kruz was sick

“@FrencHMonTanA is a HORRIBLE father,” she tweeted. “@FrencHMonTanA has not seen his son in months.. His son is in the hospital and he could careless. #Fatherlesschild … Your son is not for photo ops only. @frenchmontana is a fake f*ck that uses people #vampire.@FrencHMonTanA where is your son ??”

She also states he’s giving her $7,000 a month in child support that she had to go to court to get. But if she is still in Montana’s life she could be in on the publicity use, I mean let her tell it she is the reason for his career and if she’s this down with him I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s just playing a role. Some people think bad publicity is good publicity.

Sources also close to Khloe is also worried about this duo stating:

“They think she’s headed down the same path she did with her ex,” one source claims. “She’s still figuring out what she wants, but this guy is bad news.”

This looks as if it’s getting a little ugly and both are still denying that they are a duo. So leave a comment below tell me what you guys think do you believe this is real or is the rapper really using her?

Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Romancing?


photo 2-14


This duo has had the internet on fire for the past WEEK! Recently Rapper French Montana and reality star and fashion designer Khloe Kardashian who I must add looks absolutely AMAZE-BALLS has recently been spotted with one another a few times this week. Once cuddled in the studio (Here’s the Link French Montana & Khloe Kardashian Cuddled In The Studio) . The duo partied together at Hollywood hotspot Hooray Henry’s on Wednesday and both attended Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son 16th birthday bash last Friday.



photo 1-2

Now yesterday heading to dinner in a very sexy little black dress By designer Narciso Rodriguez showing off her new frame at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood with her sister Kourtney and her beau Scott Disick. Looks as if a double date was going on if you ask me LOL. French Montana estranged wife has even went to supposedly “warning” Khloe about the 29 year old rapper saying he abandon her and their child. But there’s two sides to every story ya know? They have both denied the rumors but it’s obvious some chemistry is there. Live a little KHLO French’s hot you’re hot go ahead stop hiding it we need know what’s up! LOL I think they make a cute pair what do you guys think? Comment below!



Kat Stacks Drops WorldStar Hiphop



Today the infamous Kat Stacks and suppose 1st lady & Queen of WorldStar drops her manager Q owner of popular Hiphop site WorldStar Hiphop. Kat Stacks took to Twitter tweeting “I gave WSHH views when it was NOTHING, it was me who build it up with my entertainment”. Kat who has held him down and remained loyal also responds to a tweet from a fan about her tattoos of the WorldStar owner Q face & Logos saying “You would get his name tatted on you” Kat responded with saying “So he was paying my rent”. The question now is why? I’m assuming over another talent that she referenced in her tweets as well. I wonder if she will put this down in her new book titled”Autobiography” to be released October 15th 2013.


Drake Releases New Song “Girls Love Beyonce”: What do you think?


Drake just released his new track titled ” Girls Love Beyonce” featuring artist James Fauntleroy Drake sings of his dating issues and his search for a real woman “who will help me think of someone besides myself” and “someone I leave the front door with cause we don’t want to hide no more.” Singer and songwriter James Fauntleroy comes in with a hook from Destiny Child’s “Say My name” track. Im feeling the track it’s DIFFERENT and has meaning something i like about all of his music. Being a drake fan since his “Comeback Season” days im happy to see him back to his roots. Tell me what you guys think in comments below! XoXo